Mngoma Empowerment Group is a skills development company in Soweto Johannesburg specialising in business coaching and mentoring, company registration, business compliance, leadership development, conflict management, youth programmes, bee certificates & tax clearance.


We have trained government departments, companies, churches, Co-operatives, NGO's Stockvels, Youth and Community Based Organisations across South Africa.


We have trained learners, administrators, educators, principals, school management teams, school governing bodies, leaders, managers, preachers.




To bring out the best in people.




We provide value-adding service and products which empowers individuals and organisations to simplify their lives.


Registrations: We help people start and run successful companies, co-operatives, churches, crèches, NPCs, NGOs


  • We register companies (5 days)
  • We register co-operatives (5 days)
  • We register non-profit companies (5 days)
  • We register NGOs, Churches, Creches, Foundations (4-6 weeks)
  • Since June 2014, we have registered over 50 organisations


Compliance: We assist Organisations to comply with the law


  • We do Share Certificate & BEE Certificates (1 day), Tax Clearance (5 days)
  • We Add and Remove Members/ Directors in CCs/ Companies/ Co-operatives
  • We do Business Profiles/ Business Plans/ Business proposals/ Constitutions
  • We do Funding Applications/ Seta Accreditation/ Tenders/ Lotto Applications
  • Narrative Reports for NGOs/ UIF/ Workmans Compensations (COIDA)
  • We do Financial Statements/ SARS Annual Returns/ CIPRO (CIPC) Returns


Training and Skills development Services


  • Project management/ report writing/ Minute taking/ Conflict Management
  • Secretarial & Office Administration/ Customer Care/ Financial Management
  • PFMA/ HIV AIDS/ Stress Management/ EAP & Employee Wellness
  • Motivational Speaking/ Emotional Intelligence? Mentoring & Coaching
  • Leadership & Management Development/ Strategic Planning/ Team Work
  • We have tailor made programmes for churches, NGOs & Co-operatives